New Kitchen Cabinets – Choosing The Best Ones


Choosing new kitchen cabinets can count a lot towards your overall kitchen design. If you are planning to install new kitchen cabinets during your kitchen remodel, here are some tips to help you choose the best ones to get the kitchen of your dreams.

1. The Door Styles
Are you looking for inset, flat or shaker doors for your kitchen cabinets? The door is the visible aspect of any kitchen cabinet and it needs to add to the overall aesthetic value of the kitchen. The standard style for most kitchen cabinet doors is wood but you don’t need to follow the norm. You can always choose glass doors and leave all the contents of the cabinet on full display.

You don’t have to settle for the standard or normal swinging door for your kitchen cabinets. There are other styles such as pocket doors, flip-up doors, corner drawers and many more that will make the kitchen cabinets easier to use and more functional around the kitchen.

2. Type Of Hardware
Once you have chosen the door styles for your kitchen cabinets, the next step is choosing the type of hardware. Regardless of the type of door you have chosen, you need to consider the knobs or pulls that complete the overall look of your kitchen. Most modern kitchens have flat-panel cabinets. So you should always choose the right hardware to match the type of kitchen cabinet you need for your kitchen.

For the flat panel cabinets, you can always settle for simple, clean or contemporary hardware to blend in perfectly. Most of the traditional kitchen cabinets use the raised panel cabinets. Therefore, you can look for old, classic or wooden fixtures that will blend in perfectly with the older and more traditional look.

Rustic Kitchen Colors

3. Choosing Colors And Finishes
Many homeowners have started initiating color comebacks in their kitchens. Therefore, you can always try pretty color palettes to bring the flair back to your kitchen with the new cabinets. You can try blending two different colors on each kitchen cabinet. If you are a little scared of going too bold, you can always use a single bright color with a neutral finish for the best results.

Rather than getting the cabinets painted by professionals during the construction, you can always transform it into a DIY project and have lots of fun choosing colors and finishes that match your own preferences. Another amazing way to get great finishes and color schemes for your kitchen cabinets is through staining.

It is always a good way to get an amazing color palate without covering the original beauty of the wood. Enhance your new kitchen colors by using stain colors such as brown, blue, green and many more for an amazing look. If you are worried about the maintenance, you can always find the right finish to cover the bases bringing out a bright and warm look that will be durable.

If you have been overwhelmed by choosing new cabinets for your kitchen, hopefully you can use these tips to get a whole new look for your kitchen.