The Home Styles Design Group

A group if designers committed to helping our clients create the house of their dreams.

Home Styles Design Group: Brilliance In Aesthetics

Who Are We?

Home Styles Design Group wants to make your home design dreams come true! We are a group of inspired, passionate creatives who want to help people turn their dream homes into a living reality. While we do standard interior design, we also delve into bathroom and kitchen design as well. The following is only a brief glimpse into what we do, as the work of interior designers is very exciting indeed!

Innovative Interior Design

Our interior designers work hard to create cutting-edge contemporary design within an individual’s budget. After discussing a vision and getting parameters to work within, they work magic based on every client’s unique sense of style. Whether a furniture update is due, or the color scheme could use some help, interior design is meant to transform and inspire even the most challenging spaces. Our interior designers are able to assist in everything from picking the perfect backsplash tile to finding the ideal ambiance for a serene new nursery. A finely attuned sense for details is required for our employees at Home Styles Design Group, as every inch of the home is significant to us!

We are wild about fabrics, be it upholstery or curtains! Furniture is always a hot topic of debate around the office. Traditional caning is not for everybody, and we have options for people who want a more modern look. On the flip side, we can create a spectacular and regal air in just about any living room with just a few touches of traditional flair. Want something eclectic? We can pull that off, too. To have a home that’s a conversational piece all its own, consider having a conversation with us.

Bathroom Design To Swoon After

We’re big on bathrooms. It might sound odd, but the bathroom is one of the most intimate places of the home! It says a lot about the homeowner, and can go a long way in reviving a tired home interior. An old tub being replaced might brighten an entire bathroom alone. A fixer-upper may have years of mold behind splashguards and under tile floors. Modernizing a home can be as simple as changing the plates on the vents in your bathroom to something more stylized and elegant. A professional interior designer also takes so much of the guess work out of matching the elements chosen, so a homeowner can just enjoy the transformation happening before their eyes.

Kitchen Design That Kindles Admiration

Our kitchen designs will inspire even the most amateur chefs to spend a little more time simmering on the stovetop! Whether it’s time to open up a kitchen to add a dining area for big entertainers, or to carve out a new cooking space in a kitchen in terrible need of a makeover, we are happy to help visualize the dream. Aesthetics make even a brand-new home feel more personal, and we have a dream of making all our clients’ homes the embodiment of their hopes and dreams. It’s hard work to acquire and maintain a home, so why not take the time to invest in its looks?

Why Home Designs Style Group?

Home Designs Style Group is the answer to your home design needs. We believe that homes should enchant, charm, comfort, and nourish. The projects we take on are both small and immense — and each of them matters to us just as much as the one before it. We aim to inspire people to make the most out of their homes, and to take design to the limit. Let us help make visual sense of the center of your world: your home.

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